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Woodys was launched in 1982 and have been going strong ever sense. Woodys is unique in its community as we were one of the first shops in Classic Old Town Orange where Tom Hanks Filmed "That Thing You Do!" among other well know movies because of the look and feel of the Era of Old Town Orange.

Woodys carries antiques that will last for years and also hold its value by first checking the structure of the piece and taking the necessary steps to ensure the item is a quality and well built antique.

Educating and empowering the antiques community by providing information about the history of an item or providing information about a certain manufacturer or style .



100% - Customer Satisfaction
100% - Quality of Antiques
100% - Reconditioned Strong
100% - Repeat Business

Woody's Antiques in Orange, CA

Established in 1996 and incorporated in California. Woody's Antiques has been around for over 2 decades with thousands of satisfied customers.

The birth of Heywood Wakefield "Modern" furniture traces its roots back more than a century to five Heywood brothers.

Make extra money

Looking to make some extra cash and not wanting to break the bank. Let Woody's take care of the selling for you with our easy consignment program. We are happy to help you get on your way and get the the most out of the pieces you are selling.

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