Heywood Wakefield FAQ

This could help on buying Original Heywood Wakefield Furniture

Q. How was the original Heywood Wakefield furniture produced?

A. Much of Modern's character came from the steam-bent pieces . Before the bending started, air dried stock was placed into a steaming box for a period of twenty minutes to an hour. Wood that had the appropriate moisture content was then bent by hand, or pressed and heated using hydraulic presses. (Despite all of Wakefield's skill in working with wood, 10 to 20 percent of all bentwood pieces were broken in the bending process). After being steambent, larger parts were machined and all the parts received their first sanding.  

The furniture pieces began to take shape during the assembly process. Joints were glued and screwed; nails were not used at any joints. The insides of all drawers were sprayed with a drawer coater.  After the assembly process furniture was sanded in order to blend drawers, tops, and sides together. Following this sanding, Modern pieces were bleached, producing a lighter as well as more uniform wood finish. Next the pieces were spray stained, with any excess stain removed through hand wiping. After pieces were placed in a drying oven, a sanding sealer was applied, and then the pieces further dried. Two coats of finish lacquer were applied, with the finish allowed to bake for approximately one hour. The pieces were then rubbed and waxed. After the pieces had been rubbed, they were wiped dry and polished. The furniture was then given a final inspection and sent to the shipping department for distribution. 



Q. How many diferent types of labels or brands did the Heywood Wakfield Company use?

A. As far as we know, there were 5 types of labels used:
     1. Yellow woodgrain style paper label with red print (The exact date used is not know but estimate range from 1939 to 1942).  
     2. Marked with a style or pattern number. Over the years there were 3 different types of numbering systems used (The exact date used is not know but estimate range from 1939 to 1942).  
     3. The red and blue label was used until the Heywood Wakefield eagle trademark was phased in beginning in 1946.
     4. The cloth tag was used on upholstered furniture ( around the 1960s).
     5. The paper label advertised the Dupont Dulux finish Heywood-Wakefield used for many years


Identification Guide Preface

 his guide illustrates the majority of Heywood-Wakefield's Streamline Modern and Modern furniture line. The pre-1936 veneered lines of Gilbert Rhode and Russel Wright have not been included, as those lines were of a modern style unto themselves. Contemporary lines that were introduced during the mid-1950s (such as Dakar and Cadence) which were of a different style or used different materials are also not included in this guide.

Dates: Dates used in this guide are based on the documentation available from company records.The possibility exists that a piece could have been discontinued soon after a catalog was issued, or even by the time a catalog had been printed (in which case the margin of error should be no more than one or two years). The last wartime production records available were from September, 1944. However, our research indicates that pieces still in production in 1944 were likely to have been in production through
at least 1946.

Designers: Design credit was taken from company records, periodicals, and trade journals contemporary to the production of pieces identified. Many designs were not documented by the company.

Furniture Names: Names of pieces or groups of furniture identified were named by Heywood Wakefield.

Dimensions: Dimensions have been taken largely from company records; in some cases dimensions given are a result of measurements taken from the specific piece of furniture.



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